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New 2017 Hydrospade model 600 Extreme cold weather package

60 hp Kabota diesel turbo with glow plugs and block heater, Duraguard coated front
NEC clutch  to diengage in cold weather to allow engine cabinet to heat uptotal enclosure
and thaw everything out before engaging.  900 CFM Roots blower @ 18 inches of Hg
600 (750 US) gallon debris,225 (281 US) gallon H2O, 400,000 BTU  burner to heat water and circulation, 
Heat traced line and heated water tanks, total lockable enclosure of boiler, water pump, blower, hydraulics, fuel and engine,
glycol antifreeze system to winterize when not in use, Giant water pump 6 GPM
@3400 psi pump, full open rear door with grease-able seals, 5 " boom  with 4" intake tubes
to prevent clogging, at 5" turret into tank - 6x6 winged cleanout in case sticks or
long objects are sucked up that will not make the bend, 5 ft extendable telescopic boom.
7000 lb. axles, brand new, full year warranty
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2017 Freightliner Econopac

1200 US Gallon debris Cold Steel tank

800 USGallon water. stainless steel tank
900 CFM Roots blower
6 GPM @ 4000 psi water pump
400,000 BTU burner
Magnum 4/24 filter
5" vac boom , hydraulic in/out, up/down, hydraulic rotation
4 pinwheel closure on debris tank
blower and water pump hydraulic drive
enclosure for all drive components
PTO drive, on automatic transmission
RHS drives water pump and hoist, LHS runs blower
Telescopic hoist, 
Freightliner truck11R 22.5 rubber, 250 Hp Cummins engine
Allison auto, air suspension, not DOT certified, non-code unit. 
Liight and beacon pkg,  Saskatchewancertified

. Height is 10 feet and width is 8 ft 2 inches and length is 22 ½ feet. Empty weight is 18,304 lbs. Weight with both water and debris tank full of wateris 11,300lbs front axle, rear axle 21,736.


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