Specializing in the sale of used and new hydrovacs, sewer cleaning trucks,  
industrial vacuum trucks and parts

HYDRO-VAC'S UNLIMITED SALES is located in Edmonton, Alberta and has Canada's largest inventory of  new and used hydro vac trucks and equipment.The Hydrovac excavation process utilizes hot water under high pressure to locate buried pipelines and cables and remove debris with a vacuum. . Hydro-vac excavation is widely accepted as the safest method for exposing buried lines and cables. Hydro-vac excavation is also used for piling excavations and trenching. We have over thirty years experience in the hydrovacs and municipal sewer cleaning industry. We specialize in new and used hydrovacs for sale. We also have used sewer cleaning  trucks, industrial vacuum trucks and combination trucks for sale.  We carry replacement parts for sewer cleaners. Parts and service for hydrovac trucks are available. Give us a call and let us help you find the equipment and truck you need. Have a truck you want to sell? Give us a call. 


Some Potential Uses for Hydrovac trucks and Trailers

Hydro-excavating of:

Power lines

Water lines

Gas lines

Fibre optics

Cable trenching

Thawing frozen lines

Cleaning catch basins and drains

Curb cock remediation

Water valve cleaning and removal

Pressure testing of new lines for leak evaluation

Equipment power washing and cleaning

Post holes for fencing contractors

Grease traps and lines

Sign post installation for home builders

Washing brick on new malls and buildings

Vacuuming up drilling mud from directional drills

Thawing frozen catch basins

Hot water cleaning of anything

Vacuuming string for cable installation in conduits





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